Our Services

Cleaning Process

First the drums are unloaded, opened and inspected. Any drums that have dents are sent to the de-denter to have them removed.

The drums are then flushed with a cleaning solution of sodium hydroxide (soap) and water heated to approximately 180 degrees. The outside is washed with a similar cleaning solution and rinsed with water. The inside gets rinsed, steamed, vacuumed and inspected.

If the drums have any rust they are chained and sent through the process again. If the drums pass inspection they are sprayed with a rust inhibitor, capped and sent to the double chime sealer. After the chimes are re-sealed the drums are blasted, leak tested, and painted.

During the final step in our process the drums are inspected, loaded and ready to be delivered. If any drum does not pass our three inspections or is unable to meet the current UN regulations they are washed, crushed, and recycled into a raw steel resource.

Disposal Service

There is a $3.00 charge for steel and plastic drum smaller than 55 gallon, open top or 55-gallon drums that are silk-screened or have markings on them that are not removable.

For all drums that need to be scraped (plastic) or crushed (steel) there is an $8.00 per drum charge.

There is no fee if steel or plastic 55-gallon bung type drums are dropped off at our location and are deemed reusable.

Caution: All drums and containers will be refused if they do not have closures in place and are not empty according to CFR 49 (see DOT UN requirements page for definition).


  • Reusable: Drums that are intact with no holes or severe dents are rust free and the contents can be rinsed out. Drums that have contained oils, light solvents, food products and soaps are examples of such products.
  • Non-reusable: Drums that have contained paints, resigns, glues, surfactants or other hard to clean materials.
  • Crushers: Drums that have holes and are badly dented or top or bottom chime has been compromised.

Pick Up Service

For pick up of 30 or more reusable 55 gallon bung type plastic or steel drums in the Orlando area there is no fee. For pick up of less than thirty drums there is a $40.00 pick up charge.

If the drums are deemed unusable there is a $5.00 per drum charge. If the drum needs to be washed and crushed there is an $8.00 fee.

Orlando Drum and Container pick up used empty drums for a nominal fee.

Delivery Service

For customers that buy at least one trailer load of drums a month we will leave a trailer at your property for your convenience. If more than one trailer is needed or you buy less than a load trailers are available for storage for a small fee of $50.00 a month. .

Same day delivery service can be arranged in the Orlando area. Deliveries in the Orlando Area are $40.00 if you purchase less than 30 drums or less than 2 pallets of pails. For deliveries outside the Orlando area call for a quote

Orlando Drum and Container own a fleet of tractor-trailers to ensure you get your containers when you need them and when they were promised.