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Orlando Drum and Container pick up and receive used, empty, steel and plastic drums everyday keeping them out of landfills and away from the public. These drums are either reconditioned and re-sold to be refilled or cleaned and turned into either steel or plastic scrap materials. This scrap material is transformed into a multitude of new products such as drain pipe, flower pots, and many other steel and plastic products.

Orlando Drum and Container currently recycles 3,800,000 LBS of steel per year.

Orlando Drum & Container Corporation has been reconditioning steel and plastic 55-gallon drums in the Southeast for over 40 years. Please take a look at our new industrial containers ranging in size from 16oz bottles to 5-gallon plastic pails to 330-gallon tote tanks. Orlando Drum is committed to service, quality, and the environment.

Orlando Drum is committed to service, quality, and the environment.

Recycling Services

Orlando Drum’s plastic recycling division, Polyopro Recycling, is a full service post-industrial plastic recycling company. Polypro was designed with Orlando Drum’s blueprint for success with industrial clients understanding their needs for prompt pickups and payment for scrap materials. We understand the urgency of pickups allowing our customers to operate efficiently. In addition, our quick reporting of material pickups allows customers to know exactly the value of industrial scrap that was received. Once our report has been sent out, prompt payment can always be expected to help recoup revenue from lost resources. Polypro Recycling is also dedicated to helping the Florida environment, and is listed as a resource with the Florida DEP.

Recycling Services

Polypro Recycling is currently processing over 10 Million pounds of plastic annually that we are diverting from the landfill and environment.

Polypro Recycling

Services Offered:
  • Post Industrial Recycling – Polypro Recycling a full service processor of all types of post-industrial plastic materials.
  • Logistics and Collection – Have Polypro’s fleet come pick up your recycling materials today or have a storage option dropped at your facility.
  • Plastic Materials Testing – Send Polypro Recycling a sample of your plastic material for review in our testing laboratory.
  • Toll Processing – Let Polypro Recycling process your scrap materials as a service in order to reuse your wasted resources.

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